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Niloo’s Way

aboutMrs. Nilufar Mortazavi (or Niloo) has always loved to cook, especially for others. Her success in the kitchen stems from her meticulous approach to reviving centuries-old Persian recipes as they were originally created, bringing back these original dishes with her own signature preparation and blend of spices and herbs, resulting in a magnificent finish both on the plate and the palate.
Her cooking earned her tremendous recognition among her friends which encouraged her to transform her home kitchen into a catering operation in 2007 to prepare healthy, sumptuous home meals regularly for her friends that were too busy to cook.
As word spread, Niloo’s kitchen was soon dwarfed by the sheer volume of orders for her dishes and prompted her to establish Niloo’s Restaurant in late 2011.
Today, Niloo’s restaurant well recognized by all food lovers, specially Persian cuisine fans, continues in the tradition of preparing authentic, sumptuous dishes using Niloo’s own special touch that recreates timeless Persian dishes, Niloo’s way.